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Another update, 22/11/2014

An update on Thay's health, 16/11/2014

Guidance on visiting Plum Village at this time

The following is from the 12/11/2014:

Dear Friends,

You have probably heard that our beloved teacher Thich Nhat Hanh has fallen seriously ill.  There are a lot of rumours circulating around the internet, so we suggest you read the official statement on the Plum Village website to learn the true situation.  As suggested in the letter, for further updates you can keep an eye on the Plum Village website or else follow the Thich Nhat Hanh page on Facebook.

We would draw your attention to these two paragraphs in particular:

All the monasteries in the tradition of Plum Village are organizing practice sessions to generate the energy of mindfulness and to send Thay this healing and loving energy. We would like to ask the whole worldwide community of meditation practitioners to participate and support us in this critical moment. We know and trust that Thay will receive all your energy and that this will be a big support in his healing and recovery.

Our practice of stability and peace in this very moment is the best support we can offer to Thay. Let us all around the world take refuge in our practice, going together as a river to offer Thay our powerful collective energy. We are all cells of the great Sangha Body that Thay has manifested in his lifetime.

With deep gratitude for his teachings, sending loving energy to Thay,

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